Bearded Vulture Project


My objective is to assist with the study and conservation of the Bearded Vulture population in southern Africa. I hope to do this by raising awareness and funds to assist the scientists from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and the Maluti-Drakensberg Vulture Project in further studies, such as fitting tracking units to vultures and placing nestcams in strategic places to learn more about Bearded Vulture movements to aid conservation decisions.

There are estimated to be only 100 pairs of Beaded Vultures remaining in southern Africa, thus putting them on the endangered species list. They fulfill a very valuable role in the ecosystem and environment as well being incredibly beautiful and graceful creatures.


                                                                             Photo - Olivia Taylor

Three reasons for their low numbers are:

  • Powerline collisions.
  • Some stock owners incorrectly fear the reputation of the 'Lammergeier' (lamb catcher) so poisoned meat is left out (also killing jackals).
  • The 'Muthi' trade is a growing risk and some healers believe that, because bearded  vultures have such good sight, using their body parts will enable them to see into the future.